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Ava’s...Magical Hair Adventure!

Ava Floating

Are you ready for an adventure?

Ava’s Magical Hair Adventure is an empowering children’s book about hair, starring Hairy Fairy.

Join Hairy Fairy and Ava on a magical adventure, exploring hair through history and time.

The book is a fiction fantasy, with an empowering and educative message. You’re drawn into the emotional awakening Ava has of herself. She overcomes beauty standards and feels a part of something. In the end, she falls in love with the roots of her hair.

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Meet the characters!

Find out more about Hairy Fairy, Ava, and their family and friends!

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About the authors

Behind Ava’s Magical Hair Adventures

Author: Chanel

Chanel Kennedy

Chanel is an advocate for youth empowerment. She runs a children’s mobile hairdressing company called Mini Manes. Mini Manes was designed to educate and empower a new generation, to be confident with who they are.

Through this service, she started a children’s book club to help families find culturally diverse books. The focus for Chanel was to ensure an accurate representation in the illustrations.

Author: Telena

Telena Longmore

Telena is the mother of three beautiful children, all under the age of six who love reading. She also runs a culturally diverse nursery in North London. She found a lack of books that represent children from different backgrounds.

Telena began writing stories based on the experiences of these children. Exploring their life challenges through historical adventures, in a fun and engaging way.

About the illustrators

Bear With Us Productions is a highly talented and creative team. They specialise in the illustration, design, production, and marketing of children’s literature. With over 15 years of experience, they are experts in creating imagery that excites and engages the reader.

This is why Telena and Chanel believe alongside them, they have managed to create something that both you and your little readers will love and enjoy reading time and time again.

Sing-along with Hairy Fairy!

Learn Hairy Fairy’s magic and go on your own adventures!

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